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The Inner Walls Of Me


The Inner Walls of Me
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The Inner Walls Of Me

These are pieces of my heart and inner most feelings.  Every page was inspired and developed by past hurt, pain, rejection, abuse and misunderstandings of who I am.  And by every past experience you will find documented an overcoming passage, strength and survival.  In the end you will feel a sense of joy, happiness, peace and a love so strong, that’s passionate for God.  This book is dedicated to all children, teens, young adults, the matured; males and females.  Who have ever been abused sexually, mentally, physically, verbally, socially, spiritually, neglected, misunderstood, misused, lived a life of nomad [living from place to place], no one ever took the time to hear you, shelter you, direct you in the right path, no guidance, been in domestic violence situations, single mothers [no help from the baby‘s daddy], foster kids and all those left alone to survive on your own.
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