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The Inner Walls Of Me


The Inner Walls of Me
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The Inner Walls Of Me

These are pieces of my heart and inner most feelings.  Every page was inspired and developed by past hurt, pain, rejection, abuse and misunderstandings of who I am.  And by every past experience you will find documented an overcoming passage, strength and survival.  In the end you will feel a sense of joy, happiness, peace and a love so strong, that’s passionate for God.  This book is dedicated to all children, teens, young adults, the matured; males and females.  Who have ever been abused sexually, mentally, physically, verbally, socially, spiritually, neglected, misunderstood, misused, lived a life of nomad [living from place to place], no one ever took the time to hear you, shelter you, direct you in the right path, no guidance, been in domestic violence situations, single mothers [no help from the baby‘s daddy], foster kids and all those left alone to survive on your own.  Take one day at a time and realize that there is a gift and calling in you that God has ordained to flourish and manifest.  Never doubt yourself and strive to celebrate every new chapter in life.  No one knows but you how much you can take and how long to take it.  So make the best out of every experience and walk through every door of opportunity, closing the door of failure and raising the bar higher and higher. As my favorite song says; by Damita Haddon, “I am leaving this place now.  Letting go of all my fears.  Saying good bye to the memories I hold dear.  I can finally breathe again.  It’s a new day farewell past, as I close this chapter I say free at last.  I made up my mind, there’s no turning back, the past is behind me there’s no looking back. I’m looking forward not behind I made the decision to give you my life.  And there’s no looking back.  Every step I take is new; I found courage to go on. Though it’s rough sometimes I still have to be strong.  I may have to walk alone, but the one who lives inside is always there to comfort and to guide.” Talking about Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior!

Looking back over my life from the age of four till now, there have been many challenges I had to encounter and overcome.  God has kept me here for a reason through it all to share with children, teens, young adults and the mature women and men that no matter who you are and what you’ve been through, He will still use you.  As mentioned in the dedication you will be blessed to read and capture the heart of not only God, but the author.  God has brought me through being molested, living with years of abuse, living from place to place, fighting and drugs in the home, feelings of rejection, loosing loved ones I held dear to my heart, battling peer-pressure and a life of suicide attempts.
When you take a look at many of the pieces you will find that you are not alone in your thoughts, what you have or are now facing, feelings and emotions, what you want to say and can’t seem to find the voice to say it, rejection, indecisions and hurt. 
But at the end of each passage, you will see a way out, strength, how to overcome, endure, choose a life to live for God and live a life of freedom.  In the mind, body, spirit and soul.  How to start speaking faith filled words, using the word of God into your life and in every situation.
While reading every word, you will feel the passion of the author, love, power and authority used to speak and write each phrase of success.
Be encouraged and always take a stand for your life….if you don’t, who else will?  NO ONE!
“Why Do I Fight?”
I fight for love, attention, and freedom
I fight for peace, understanding, wisdom
I fight because I know God has a purpose for me
I fight because Revelations tells me in the end I have the victory.
“Why Do I Fight?”
I fight for life, health, and strength
I fight for a house to make my home
I fight for relationship of someone to call me their own
I fight for freedom of speech of death ears who are not listening
I fight for the day when God shall return and bring redemption.
“Why Do I Fight?”
I fight because I know that greatness lives on the inside of me
I fight because where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty
I fight for warmth and comfort and protection
I fight for stability, prosperity, and connection
Connection to God that will never end
Connection to know that He’ll always be my friend.
“Why Do I Fight?”
I fight for joy and happiness
I fight for no rainy days and sadness
I fight for a journey that will one day take me to a place where there will be no more sorrows, death or pain
A place where only God’s Holy Spirit ever reigns.
“Why Do I fight?”
I fight to let the devil know that no longer will he have power or control over my mind, body, and soul
I fight to let him know that God is the only one to take resident and break the mole.
“Why Do I Fight?”
I fight because Chanette Pheronda Flornoy needs to know that God will never leave nor forsake her and to not stray
I fight because it is my duty to always kneel down to watch and pray
But at the end I realize that God has always had my back
So I stopped to think why on God’s green earth “Do I have to Fight?”
I Don’t!
“Cherish Life’s Simple Pleasures”
Some people think that life is about houses and cars,
But I say it’s about life’s simple things
Some people dream about rubies and diamond rings,
But I say it’s about life’s smallest things
There are some who even think life’s limits stop at the sky,
But I say it’s about cherishing life’s simple pleasure until the day you die.
The only road that people ever dream about is living in the fast lane,’ But I say slow down and take a look at God’s holy place
Take a journey with the angels of heaven and allow the presence of God to cause sweet dwelling,
 I say enjoy the moments we share with family and friends, the cook outs, the weddings, the day of new arrivals of a baby boy and girl,
I say cherish the day and never stray from life’s simple joys.
There is such a peace to know that nothing matters when you take the time to cherish life’s simple pleasures,

For God will come along and whisper “Since thou wast precious in my sight thou hast been honorable, for I have love thee; therefore will I give men for thee and people for thou life.”
Take the time to celebrate life and its entirety,
Learn to appreciate the small things first then the bigger things
But I say cherish only life’s simple pleasures!
Cherish God Holy Measures!

Can people truly say they have a lot of struggles.
Do people really know what a struggle is?
Unless you have been beaten, battered, bruised, or buffered placed with a crown of thorns on your head, flesh torn, ripped skin, blood shed, literally spit on, had people to deny you three times in your face, behind your back, kicked, pushed, had to carry wood fixed in a cross that weighed a ton and those that walked with you and followed you never stepped up their game, put away their fear, pride and shame to offer a helping hand.
Unless you have been sick onto death, no one to call on, nobody knows you even exist in a world full of billions who can hardly resist the temptation of sin, living in an roach infested apartment, no food--only the crumbs you find from pass food found in the garbage, water/lights--only from the drops of rain that fall from the sky but you better not drink to much or you’re filled with acid, explode and die.
Lights that only peak through holes in the wall because there was no job or education to sustain a future of wealth to afford a window replacement.  Name--no name! When born, a woman, So called mother pushed you out in the streets wrapped in newspaper, never wanted you, never knew she was pregnant, father--died of crack cocaine, aids--mother raped and murdered never had the time to name you so they marked you as a nobody.  Found by a garbage man--shipped to a hospital--to a foster home and because they didn’t speak your language and you couldn’t understand them, because you were mute.  They kicked you out--from there restless, no where to turn and just when you finally found someone you were hit by a stray bullet and die.
We have a job, pay our bills, but the moment we run out of money to get our hair done, a new pair of shoes, new dress, can’t go on a dinner date--we think were struggling.
No! Struggling is being hit by a storm, hurricane, twister, tornado, flood, fire to find that your house and possessions are gone.  And when you call the insurance company they mention your policy was cancelled the week before--never got the mail because that week you were in jail.  Out of work for two weeks when you try
To go back they tell you--you’re fired! To never show your face again or you will be arrested for trespassing.  One charge, now two, three strikes your out.
Born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you have everything you ask for, but the moment your mommy tells you NO, your break a nail, your girl friend dumps you--your world is shattered.
You want to commit suicide, shoot up the schools and cause separation in the home.
But what about those born in poverty, bathing in disease Infected water ponds--where local herds dwell no substance, employer for employment, living on maybes: maybe I’ll live today or maybe I’ll die tomorrow.
But somehow over the years those that survived-managed.
Where do they come from--you say?
It’s because you are double minded, don’t know what you want out of life, don’t know if you want to live for God or party for the devil.
You make decisions without first seeking God, acknowledging Him in all your ways.  But leaning on your own understanding. You think you know what’s best for you, but always choosing the wrong crowds and roads to travel. 
You play games with your life like rushing ruilet, and let me see if I can beat this train.
You think the train is far away like God, but the second you cross--you’re hit--now dead, they rush you to the ER and because God has a purpose and a plan for you, when they pronounced you dead on arrival God said; “Live!”
There are none as long as your life is in the hands of God.
Trust Him, believe in Him, don’t be afraid to fear Him and receive salvation--for it’s free to all. 
Come now and receive Him.  He’s waiting to adopt you, love you, comfort you, strengthen you, and most importantly redeem you.
Make the choice to live holy, presenting your body as a living sacrifice unto God.
Trusting His every word.  Make the decision to tell your friends and their friends, family members and colleagues about the joy you’ve found.  So we all can live sin free and stop--


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